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03-17-2009, 04:12 PM
For immediate hire
Photoshop Artist / Matte Painter

We're looking for a fast, experienced photoshop artist to retouch still photos and seamlessly combine elements from multiple photos to join our visual effects department as a matte painter.

Our ideal artist knows Photoshop and Painter forwards, backwards, sidewise and upside down. We mention fast again. No pressure, we just need the artist who knows what needs to be done and what looks right and gets there fast. Good work, fast is what we need. The person we seek understands the urgency of visual effects deadlines for television productions.

How to Apply

Send an email to cgfx33@gmail.com
subject line: Photoshop Artist
1. Describe qualifications, skills,
2. include resume in email body
3. provide link to an online quicktime movie.
4. tell us how much you're seeking per hour.

Must be available immediately.
Must be authorized to work in USA.
Compensation Depends on Experience.

Flight 33 Productions www.flight33.tv (http://www.flight33.tv/)