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03-11-2009, 06:12 PM
Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented matte painter to join our award-winning cinematics team. You will be responsible for creating 2.5D hyper-realistic backgrounds and breathtaking landscapes for our next generation of cinematic movies.

Blizzard Entertainment offers a fun, creative, and technically rewarding environment with excellent compensation and a full range of benefits.


Complete digital sketches to explore shot composition, color, and lighting.
Model base geometry and high resolution geometry for camera-projected shots using applications such as 3ds Max/Maya.
UV map models.
Paint displacement using Mudbox or Zbrush.
Paint diffuse maps, specular maps, reflection maps, environment maps, bump maps and all other types of texture maps needed for proper surfacing.
Set up projection cameras and projection shaders using Maya and RenderMan/Slim.
Animate shot cameras for certain shots or sequences.
Organize data and scene elements in database management software.
Manage rendering Layers/Passes and other types of batch rendering.
Troubleshoot rendering problems and other shot obstacles.
Composite various rendered passes and layers using Nuke.
Color correct, grade, rotoscope, warp, and animate footage and painted elements.


Familiar with 3D applications such as Maya, 3ds Max, and Cinema 4D
Great eye for values, color, lighting, and composition
Ability to paint finished highly detailed elements
Good organizational skills
Good sense for composition through camera lenses
High competence in creating cinematographic lighting designs
Good understanding of lighting temperature, quality of light, light direction, angles, thrown patterns, and value
Good knowledge of panoramic photography and image stitching
Positive, Problem-solving attitude
Desire for constant challenge and growth
Responsibility and ability to work independently

Please respond to blafrance@blizzard.com with your name and "MattePainter" in the subject line.