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03-02-2009, 10:21 PM
[b] Search MattePainteur [/ b]

29 avenue Perrichont
75 016 Paris
[u] T: [/ u] +33 (0)1 75 50 10 70
[u] P: [/ u] +33 (0)6 71 58 92 18 (Samuel Morin)
[u] P: [/ u] +33 (0)6 89 87 07 27 (Bue MikaŽl) [/ u]

[u] M: [/ u] jobs@depth-digital.fr

[u] Contact: [/ u] Samuel Morin & MikaŽl Bue (Producers)

We are two partners in Digital Depth productions. We
are in full establishment of the structure (SARL capital 7500 Ä
). We have products to launch the company, 11 films in the month of
December. These films are self-produced by Digital Depth productions
and in partnership with major audiovisual groups.

We D21 shot in HDCAM SR 4.4.4, several types of films,
which are:

- 2 short films
- 2 pilot TV series
- 5 Teasers
- 2 false advertising

A film asks us to post-production on a plan. We
a forest to make a 4 on 3 plans sec ... Should be made
mattepainting forest in times of bombing nuclear crisis. (FX

The film and a teaser, which will be incorporated into the production file
sent in June 2009 at CNC and other aid to film production.
The final film will require a big job to run animation and 25 Min.

We are looking for:

- MattePainting

[b] Type of contract [/ b]

The jobs here requested can not be paid, since it aims to seek
grants. -In against part we propose to sign a
production contract, where we will hire the person
on the film, when it will be produced.

[b] Location [/ b]

PARIS - Or In your House for out of France

[b] Salary [/ b]

Between 2000 - 3500 Ä / month gross and as experience. Salary for
hiring on the film.

[b] Training Recommended [/ b]

Knowledge in animation, rendering, modeling, texturing, Pixels
Art (more)

[b] Experience recommended [/ b]

Any level or training accepted.

[b] Tools and level [/ b]

3D Pro


Parts required: Resume, Portfolio.

Mail, Phone.

Contact person: Samuel Morin & Mikael Bue (Producer)

Thank you to you.