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Justin Atkinson
01-28-2009, 02:04 AM
Hi All - I know it's a little off topic but it's worth putting this out here in case anyone is interested.
You will be working within the pre-production department so there is an opportunity for graduates to gain some experience in the processes involved in designing matte paintings and concepting for film and TV.

Although the role does require that you are an animator.

Pre-Viz Animators

The Painting Practice are looking for talented and competent animators in-order
to expand its already successful Pre-Viz department. We are looking
for applicants who not only share our passion for movie making but also our
drive for creativity.

This is a perfect opportunity for graduates to gain experience in feature
film pre-production. As a member of the team you will be working alongside
the director and the art department providing not only first hand
experience with a production team but also an insight into the actual
‘movie making’ process.

What We Want

Being a skilled and confident animator is an essential requirement,
however, candidates are expected to be competent in basic lighting,
texturing, and camera work. Apart from the obvious technical skills
required we are looking for people who are capable of using their own
initiative when taking a shot from storyboard to 3D.

An understanding what’s really necessary to complete a shot and avoiding
what isn’t needed is vital. This skill alone is paramount, as you will be
expected to work efficiently - sometimes under pressure, delivering the
same standard throughout. A keen attention to detail and scale are also
very important.

You should be capable of taking a shot from creation to render.

Our primary production pipeline is Cinema 4D with a secondary pipeline of
Maya. So we are keen to hear from applicants who use only these packages
– No Studio Max, Soft Image, or Lightwave operators need apply.

Apply in writing to:

Justin Atkinson
CO/The Painting Practice
2 Richmond Hill
NW10 6QX

For more information about what we do - vist : www.paintingpractice.com

04-17-2009, 02:54 PM
This is a great post and makes me think of where I can fit in. I do a little bit of everything mentioned here and I guess I have to find my competitive advantage.