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11-16-2008, 05:21 PM

Here's an update on the first of the two concept paintings I posted earlier. I pleased that the matte looks like the original painting and its been hard work - the painting only took about an hour, this seems to have taken nearly a week working all hours! Anyway, thoughts and critiques would be greatly appreciated. I'm going a bit mental with all the perspective, it got to the point where I was chopping the walls of some of the houses and distorting them to try and get it right. Hopefully there aren't any big problems that jump out. I'm going to have a break from this one and start the next, but will go back to it depending on the feedback I get here or if I see something later.




here's the original concept painting:


11-16-2008, 06:36 PM
Good stuff, you did well adding the detail in there. There are a couple of things from the concept that i feel got left behind though, that it would be good to see brought back into the matte:

- Some of the values seem a bit blown out in the matte. The highlights on the concept seem to work better for me, whereas in the matte they are so bright that they start to look overexposed.

- The main thing for me is the simplicity of the composition that has been lost. I love that it seems that the viewer is looking down into the valley past the main city. There are only a few buildings down there and it is mostly desolate. In the matte, there is so much detail everywhere that my eye has nowhere to rest. The foreground city seems to lose its impact because it is no longer the main element in the composition, it is just a small part of the city that covers the whole composition. i hope that makes sense.

All in all, its looking really good, look forward to seeing the next one!