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10-09-2008, 10:31 AM
Frantic Films VFX are looking for Senior Matte Painters

Frantic Films VFX has firmly established a reputation as one of North America's most dynamic and creative resources for stunning visual effects, post-production, pre-visualization, and animation.

We are currently looking for experienced senior matte painters to join our strong VFX creative team. The Senior Matte Painter reports to the VFX Supervisor and CG Supervisors and will be responsible for creating matte paintings and concept art for high end VFX feature films.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

Responsible for defining and setting up 2D and 3D matte paintings by defining and creating projection geometry and placement for proper matte painting coverage, layering and desired parallax.
Provides technical and artistic support to matte painting artists for the setup and installation of production shots, pre-using tools to create layered image files for matte painters to paint.
Communicates the specifics of the 3D Matte Painting pipeline to Art, Layout, Lighting, and Matte Painting artists.
Responsible for delivering Matte Painting elements to Lighting department.
Render all matte painting layers and constructs a composite for delivery to Lighting Department.
Create layout objects to accurately represent the silhouette and parallax of the major compositional matte painting objects.
Maintains continuity between Matte Painting and other studio departments (Layout, Lighting).
Assists other departments with troubleshooting and debugging.

Additional Duties:

Support and develop tools and procedures to enhance the production pipeline.
Document department procedures and workflow.
Ensure department software development follows studio policies and guidelines.
Stay current with computer graphic techniques for possible implementation.
Aid in training of matte painters and mentoring technical directors as required and appropriate.


Assist in the Research and Development of new techniques for the department.
Knowledge of 3D Camera Projection.
Able to multi task and handle quickly changing directives.
Good Visual sense and Artistic Vocabulary.
Ability to take direction and work in a team environment.
Ability to pay close attention to detail.
Willingness to provide direct support to individuals.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

A willingness to travel is also considered an asset.

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter, resume and demo reel to:

Frantic Films VFX
Attn: Karin Ross