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08-23-2008, 05:43 AM
hi guys.. this is my first crack at a mattepainting.. actually its my final plate for photoshop class.. anyways hope its good.. =D


08-24-2008, 10:51 AM
I see a lot of little things...

The sky contrast is too desaturated, and too contrasty. The black clouds on the LH side drag the eye's attention.
The lamppost is distracting, and should have been removed by cloning.
The ivy on the walls is too green and too bright, while the trees are too brown ~ Consistency...
The "glowy" effect is too poorly lit. Is it a circular fog near the corner of the building on the RH side? Or does it extend all the way back to the horizon line? It appears to be enveloping the girl and the dog, but stops about 20 feet in front of them on one side of the street, and about a half city block away on the other side of the street...again, Consistency...
The reflections in the windows have not been adjusted at all from your reference photo, and do not correspond at all with the final version's environment.
You did not correct the camera barrel distortion of the reference photo, so the building on the RH side of the canvas appears to be tilting inwards to the image. This is compounded by your reflection, creating an "arrowhead" effect.
The girl and the dog do not look like they belong together. The girl has the water coming up past her ankles, but the dogs feet are barely wet. Either it's a magical dog, or she's wading through muddy asphalt...;)
The water level of the surrounding buildings is approximately 3-4 feet high (at car top level, where you cropped the ref...).This would place it at almost thigh level on the girl, and the dog would be swimming.
The water wake surrounding these two looks like a water drop ripple, as if the were dropped onto the street from above, not walking on/through all that water.
The environment (except for the funky desaturated sky) has an overall warm color scheme, but the girl is more "normal" toned...Consistency...
The water reflection is too smooth, with no surface rippling. It's a nice enough mash-up of imagery overall, but only on a very superficial level. The consistency of lighting and values are the biggest detractors.

But, it's a nice concept, and since it's for a class, you will probably get a very good grade for it, since many instructors are too busy to give more than a quick perusal of assignments, and only look for glaringly bad mistakes to point out.

Good Luck!

08-24-2008, 11:26 PM
hey dude.. thanks for the critic ima take notes of all of them.. so that I won't make the same mistake again.. thanks again.. =D