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02-20-2005, 03:15 PM
http://davidluong.net/subpages/images/mattepainting/temple-souls-thumbbig.jpg (http://davidluong.net/subpages/images/compositing/templesouls/tos-highres-fullimage.jpg)

Click for high res versions

http://davidluong.net/subpages/images/compositing/templesouls/tos-comp-thumbnail2.jpg (http://davidluong.net/subpages/images/compositing/templesouls/tos-comp-highres2.jpg)
http://davidluong.net/subpages/images/compositing/templesouls/tos-bs-thumbnail2.jpg (http://davidluong.net/subpages/images/compositing/templesouls/tos-bs-original2.jpg)


"Fate consumes all, and when it was her turn, she looked back upon the world, now covered in a dark-blue moon glow haze in another dimension, one last time, before descending into the nexus of souls. A clothed figure stood at the doorway with a torch, awaiting for all who have passed on from the world of the living. Perhaps as a last consolation of human contact and conversation.

As she becomes consumed by the murky darkness, the pyre of blue flames on top of the nexus dissolves her body and soul and fires it up into the heavens for further judgement. Like a great war cannon, the pylons sound thundered and wailed, heavy with the indirect suffering it caused."


Blue screen key composite, and matte painting done in Shake. Clone painting interactive light and touchup done in Photoshop. Particles in Maya.

Second "Temple of" series, Fun stuff keying her hair!


download the Animated Video Sequence (http://davidluong.net/subpages/videos/temple-souls-comp-divx.avi) of shots here (9MB divx, 25 seconds)

Ghost Actress: Cherri Yu Yeung


original photo:

http://davidluong.net/subpages/images/mattepainting/souls-original-thumb1.jpg (http://davidluong.net/subpages/images/mattepainting/souls-original-highres1.jpg)


Short breakdown of work (http://davidluong.net/subpages/mattepainting.html#souls)


David Luong
Compositor/FX/Digital Matte Painter
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02-22-2005, 03:00 AM
i like it and i also like most of your work on your website.
Good work!! :)

02-25-2005, 09:19 PM
Very nice work on the keying job!

One comment i have is that the two towers left and right of the larger center one seem to be a bit weird to me, maybe its the speckled particle things around them.

Do you go to an Ai by any chance?


02-26-2005, 12:24 AM

Yar the two towers are glowing fantasy type particle elements, more creative liscense thing =0

I go to Academy of Art University, San Francisco, do you know someone who goes up here? graduating this spring woot!