View Full Version : Graduate film needs Digital Matte Painter

08-19-2008, 07:18 PM
An AFI Conservatory Thesis Film, "The Obolus", is looking for a digital matte painter for 1 shot in our film. "The Obolus" is the story of a young boy on the journey of his life looking for his parents... his journey takes him to Death's (The Bridgeman) doorstep... and Death answers. It is a coming of story. Visit www.theobolus.com (www.theobolus.com)to learn more.

We need a 2d matte painting of a lighthouse (example here http://www.theobolus.com/composite.jpg). We have a sketch-up design and photos from the actual set, we built the first level of the front exterior of house.

Artist would retain full rights to their work and received credit on the film as a matte painter.

If you are interested or would like more info please contact me at candice@theobolus.com . If you have an online portfolio please include the link.