View Full Version : collapsing factory

08-17-2008, 05:21 AM
hi everyone,
i am quite new to this kind of art and i am really curious about what you think of the third matte painting i ever did. i'd like to improve that painting, so please don't hesitate and tell me your critiques.


08-17-2008, 11:57 AM

This has some good points, but overall, it is still too "clean," and looks like you just colorized a building interior and slapped some greenery on it. It's barely a step above B&W...

You need to bring back some reds and yellows in the wood, even if subdued. You have the artistic license to also add some warmer tones to areas that your ref. photo might not have, like more of the graffiti, or the walls.

The bricked up windows look too solid and clean. Maybe some stains, or broken sections. I would play up the window with the broken glass panes on the left.

Whatever the giant lump on the lower right is, it needs to be visually clarified for the viewer, or cleaned up...And the opening in the right side of the roof looks terribly contrived at present. If you want that much greenery on top, consider having a giant tree growing through the building where the giant blob is...

Hope these suggestions are of some use for you.