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08-12-2008, 10:59 AM
Hi to all!
I am new to this org but i've been watching your works since a long time now. Here is one of my first image i've done in photoshop (not very easy with a mouse...). Please give your comments and/or some tips!

thierry pierras
08-13-2008, 02:44 AM
Nice picture, continue to work like that !

08-13-2008, 05:23 AM
Thank you!

Here is another image i've done this morning, but i don't know what can i add in the background, to have more details...???

08-13-2008, 11:41 AM
Some interesting work, but you need to focus on better visual consistency.

The first one looks really wonky with the ice chunks angled to face each over. Nature just doesn't work that way. If one chunk leans one direction, they pretty much all will, as erosion from wind, sun, etc. will affect all the ice the same way. Earth shifts still won't make them rise up in opposing directions...

The second piece shows bad consistency in the lighting. Since it is an outdoor shot, the sun is your main light source. It's position in the sky (Check your shadows and highlights) will make ALL shadows and highlights correspond to this. You have highlights that are too bright lower down on the mountain than on the peaks, from a different direction. This is particularly noticeable, since the sky is cloudy...


08-13-2008, 11:52 AM
Thanks for the tips Madster! I'll work on that!
But effectively, i have some troubles with the lightening of my pictures. For the second one, it was quite weird because of the cloud, i don't really know how to have the good light, but i'll work on all that and i will show you when it will be finished!
Thanks for all!

08-14-2008, 05:42 AM
hey guys!

There are 2 pictures i found in my computer (some old ones...). I think the beach one is not so bad (instead of lightening problems...), and the waterfall one is not very good, but i tried to make something quite simple (all the sky is my work). So give me your coments and tips if you have any idea to improve them.