View Full Version : Bible (Jesus) MP needed!

05-05-2008, 04:07 AM
Hi! I'm actually working on a little commerical,
about how jesus was able to walk over a lake.

the story is build like a trailer of a movie,
not typical commercial-like. (we all force
our skills with this project)

everything will be shooted in front of a greenscreen.
the look should be biblically, warm colors (orange/brown).

the spot need ae: a desert-background, with a little village
on a hill in back.

because its a local commercial we've low budget -
but if you would like to proof your skills and need
a reference product this would be a good chance.

if you're interested, please mail to richie@sundesign.tv
you'd receive a treatment and everything else needed.

thanks for your time,
yours Richie Pichler