View Full Version : Photo realistic nightclub

04-14-2008, 03:19 PM
We are putting together a site for a client, and they want a unique interface for their flash site. I want the interface to be a mattepainting like Saizen Media (http://www.saizenmedia.com/light/) does. Here is a brief on the interface we need.

The front page will look like the entrance to a night club with a line of people trying to get in on each side. There will be 2 security guards and one beautiful girl greeter that points to the customer and says you can come in, followed by a button to click that says “VIP Accept” She will open a red velvet rope to each player who enters straight to the registration page.

So we will need the outside of the club as one shot, and a shot of the inside of the club in a vip room.

We need someone who is skilled at both environments/building and people. Please send me some links to your portfolio that shows you are skilled at what we need, and also include your hourly rate or cost for this job. Email me at: