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12-03-2007, 04:29 AM

Atmo are looking for talented Rigging artists for our new animated feature film Metropia here in Stockholm, Sweden.

This is a great opportunity to work on a unique film with a small highly motivated team. The work will be challenging and diverse. The film itself is photo realistic with designs based on existing location and people manipulated to produce a unique looking film.

What we are looking for are After Effects artists who have experience in animation more of a technical nature and strong Photoshop skills. Half the work is done in Photoshop preparing the characters/bgs and the other half in After Effects.

Description of the work:
* Create, clean up and prepare cut-out layers in Photoshop
* Apply animation controllers and set-up of characters and backgrounds
in After Effects
* Create character animation templates
* Organize characters and backgrounds in the layer structure
* Set initial camera-movement based on animatic

Desired skills:
* Understanding of form, anatomy and physics
* Basic knowledge of animation principles
* Min. 2 year After Effects and Photoshop experience
* Expressions and/or javascript experience
* Rigging experience in another animation package

* Demonstration of animation rigs showing character and object functionality
* Character animation
* Life drawing stills

To find out more about the jobs above please visit our web-site www.atmo.se (http://www.atmo.se) or send us you digital portfolios and or demo reels clearly labelling what roll and part you played in each project along with you resume to: jobs-metropia@atmo.se