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Photon VFX
12-02-2007, 04:50 PM
Photon is a full-service visual effects company with facilities in Australia and New Zealand. Photon’s visual effects and animation teams service feature film and high-end television drama productions worldwide.

We are engaged as a major visual effects vendor on a high-profile, NZ based feature film with international appeal. We are currently assembling a fine artistic and technical team with demonstrated feature film experience. We are advertising on mattepainting.org, due to the artistic nature of this production and the creative skills required for the VFX Supervisor role.

The immediate opening is for a VFX Supervisor with strong on-set experience & Art Directing experience. This is a heavily cg dependent feature incorporating significant amounts of live action elements. A thorough understanding of the 3d & 2d pipeline is essential. Hands-on experience in this area as well as compositing is advantageous. This is not a job in which you will be sitting back and advising from a distance. We are looking for applications which indicate a more immersive, artistic approach. Previous experience in roles such as a VFX Supervisor, Art Director and CG Supervisor on high-profile feature films will ensure your application is placed at the top of the list.

Project title: "Laundry Warrior"
Start date: Immediate (December 2007)
End D\date: July - August 2008

Position overview:
Experience with VFX & CG Supervision, with on-set involvement are important aspects of this role. The role will involve you being the creative link between the client and artistic crew. Most importantly, you must call upon prior Art Directing skills to ensure work completed meets the expectations of our highly experienced client.

You will be required to:
• Realise the visual requirements of the project Visual Effects Supervisor through the clear communication of your ideas to all artistic crew and leads.
• Use your developed impeccable artistic eye to ensure shot submission is of the highest standard.
• Ensure seamless integration of 3d, 2d and live action elements
• Direct & guide matte painting artists to achieve naturalistic and stylised cyclorama paintings appropriate to each visual sequence.
• Direct, review critique and guide animators to achieve realistic, humanistic movement.
• Provide weekly progress reports.
• Work closely with project Production Manager & VFX Producer to determine & implement the project schedule.

Send your application to hr@photonvfx.com

This project is green lit! Please only apply if you are able to commence immediately.