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01-03-2005, 09:23 AM
Mainframe Entertainment Inc.

Job description:
We currently have an opening for the position of: Matte Painter (FILM)
Start Date: Approx. January 2005
Length of Contract: Approx. 17 months
This is a full-time, contract position.

Working with the Art Director, Modeling Supervisor, and Production Designer, create 2D background mattes / paintings / plates for a 3D animated feature film.

To create the 2D painted backgrounds required to complete any 3D environments, sets or scenes on the film, while working with the design and modeling departments

To troubleshoot and use talents to create visually stunning backgrounds which match and marry to the film’s style and 3D requirements, using direction giving by the Art Director and Production Designer.
Introduce innovative ideas through his/her work creating matte paintings for the production, which work with the film’s goals, and in 3D animation.

Requirements/skills: Qualifications:
Strong skills in painting, drawing, composition, color matching.
Ability to create matte paintings stylistically and / or photo realistically using 2D and 3D applications
Basic computer literacy, extensive skills in Photoshop/ After Effects
Knowledge of Soft Image 3D/XSI, Unix platforms.
Ability to integrate illustration with existing 3D environments
Painting (photorealism, and cartoon style), artistic style
Ability to follow directions and complete tasks independently while working within the framework of a team
Ability to problem solve

Web Site: http://www.mainframe.ca
Department/division: Recruiting
Address: 200-2025 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J 1Z6
fax: 604-714-2641
email: recruiting@mainframe.ca