View Full Version : Wanted Volunteer artist to work on a film for festivals

09-27-2007, 11:06 PM

i'm currently seeking a few talented and willing volunteers who are interested in participating in creating some matte paintings for a short film that will be entered into festivals.

The short film is called Pneumatic. It is a 8 minute short film taking place in a post apocalyptic world. Basically in the future, mankind goes to war with itself and destroys the earth surface. There are only a few humans left living deep underground. One man is set to the surface to attain an air filtration device that save his people.

The film was already shot. It just requires a few really good matte paintings and some compositing to beef up the feel of the world that this main character must search.

The film will be entered into festivals world wide. I don't have money to pay you, but you can use the film part of your portfolio and you will be credited for it. You will even get a few copies of the film . One in High definition another will be on standard dvd.


This is a great opportunity for new artist to show your work. Your matte paintings will be part of a 3 minute visual montage.

if you are interested in participating, message me at eruslim@gmail.com

Professional mattepainters can e-mail me their rates along with their porfolios. It'd be greatly appreciated.

I would like to get this film completed and sent out to festivals worldwide.

CHECK OUT the images on my flickr account.


- Ez9000