View Full Version : Rainmaker London seeks matte painters

04-18-2007, 11:08 AM
Rainmaker Visual Effects and Animation, London, UK is seeking a very talented matte painter/environment artist for high end film work.

The role would be best suited to someone with at least 3 years film experience. The ability to cross over with 3D for texture projection, photogrammetry, 3D lighting etc would be highly useful.

Photorealistic ability is a must, but a flair for painterly work and/or conceptual illustration would also be highly regarded.

You will need to have a deep knowledge of Photoshop plus at least 2 of these: Shake, Maya, Lightwave, Vue Infinite, Deep Paint, Image Modeller, Z Brush, Mudbox... We are mostly a Linux house, but also use OsX and Windows.

Please note that the position is in London, England.

Rainmaker UK is a new vfx team, best known so far for work on Da Vinci Code (chapel sequence) and Rome II. Work in progress or recently completed includes 28 Weeks Later, Case 39, Butterfly on a Wheel, 1408, Vantage Point and Inkheart...

If you are interested, please contact:

Cigdem Worthington