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Photon VFX
01-18-2007, 05:21 PM
Hi all,
Photon VFX is currently seeking experienced Matte Painters to join our team for a short 2 week contract starting immediately. Remote work may be possible for the right person but the preference is to work on site in Qld Australia.

Required skills
Working closely with the project director, compositors and other matte painters you will be required to create foreground mid-ground and background matte paintings of a near photo realistic quality.
Expert knowledge of Photoshop.
Ability to utilise of a wide variety of media sources in order to create style frames and digital mattes.
Some experience with 3d (maya) modelling is desirable .
Traditional painting experience preferable.

Application Process
Please email your CV and examples of your matte paintings including shot breakdown to:


or via post to:

Photon VFX
HR Department
Oxenford, Qld 4210

*Please note that DVDs and CDs are preferable however we can accept VHS. Your details may be kept on a Photon VFX Personnel database for future reference. Please do not send original work as it cannot be returned.

For more information on Photon VFX please visit http://www.photonvfx.com