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08-08-2006, 04:24 PM
Update - We are no longer needing matte paintings.

Thanks for all the submissions.

Hello I am looking for matte paintings. I am wanting to buy rights to use them in a film I am working on. I am paying cash upfront not money later when its done or some other way of getting free content. Please see below the info about the type of content needed.


The movie is about the battle between good and evil over time. Its done in basicly a documentary form largely based on the Bible. It will be a combination of animation and live action. So you can see their is a huge amount of content from different periods that can be used. Below are some more exact content needs.

Since this covers all of the history of the earth subject can be anything from history or near future possibly or that would pass for it. What we do not need are aliens, monsters etc. Ok so here is a list of ideas and needs.

1. Vast wastland matte painting.

2. Garden of eden or something that will pass for it.

3. Cities and/or fortresses, castles etc of all ages.

5. Villages, towns.

6. Old buildings

7. Explosions and disasters.

8. Planets, space

9. Volcanos and eruptions

10. Cities and land in ruins

That should get you started and if you are not sure please ask if we can use it.

You can email me at pat@hpnc.com . Please keep emails under 1meg for the first email if you send attachents. If you have a website thats even better.

10-22-2006, 04:19 AM
Can internaional artists seize this opportunity?Being a Sri Lankan resident will i be able to take part in this?And how does the payment system work if my work is chosen?