View Full Version : The Ghosted Arena - WIP

05-30-2006, 06:25 PM
Wsup y'all?

I followed Scott Robertsons technique (DVD vol5) to create the backdrop of this painting and colored it here and there to get a nice 3D feel to it. It's not nearly finished though, but it will because i like the theme. It's an arena with a bear-like creature that's just killed something (which i haven't drawn yet ). However, it's ghost is still following the bear and the crowd goes bananas!!

All tips and comments are welcome. I'm especially wondering about how i should do the lighting and enhance it a little.


Everything is done on paper with markers, scanned into PS and painted over in PS. I do have Painter though, which i'll use for the next steps.

I put some cloud pictures together and chose a red atmosphere instead of the blue one. Still not sure about the color, and i know the clouds are too focused. I also have no clue about where the light is coming from. Comments would be great!