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05-25-2006, 08:35 AM
I started a new project (my second one).
I was encouraged as a starting matte painter in photoshop to draw lots and lots of images from referances and from my head.... to get better control on the painting phase of the matte.
I'm not that good at drawing... but using DVDs by Dylan Cole and ... some other great matte painters... I achieved this starting posision.
Now. Bare in mind. This is just the drawing phase. And it's fairly at its origins.


What currentky, is there to fix in this image??
Also, I have no clue on how to draw the sea... right now... it's simply... blue (picked off the sky!! dont worry...) any ideas?

This will be a semi-all-community matte becuase I *will* use all your ideas and corrections on this picture... so this will eventually be a all member-matte, done by me : )

Lets see if the instructions you give me are do-able by me




05-25-2006, 10:50 AM
Needs something in the foreground to lead you in, and the mountains are too central, move them either left or right. Have you heard of the golden mean? Look it up on the web it tells you where, traditionally, it looks good to have the focal point on a picture.

05-25-2006, 10:44 PM
I think its a good start, but you need to pick a light source. Your image seems to not have a define light source. Also look up some landscape artist Speculart is right there needs to be some more interesting terain compositions, though not exactly the golden mean (rule of thirds).

05-26-2006, 04:35 PM

So, so far the main issue is the rule of thirds. I'll try to get this better.
About the light source. (Riktor you keep fixing my light sources all the time ! :)
I added some lighter areas on the mountains to create light direction. I assume there is abit more tweaking to make on these light/dark areas on the mountains to make it look better. Any techniques on this would help ALOT!

I moved the mountains layer abit to the right and added the gap. After reading about the rule of thirds and GM (thanks speculart), and decided to take the gap in the mountain range and make that my focal point.
I'm not sure what "leads you in" means... but I guess its about having something in the forground (on the sea layer) that leads the eye to my focal point.
I read alot about the Last Supper drawing by DeVinci. The perspective lines in that drawing and the positions and poses and direction and even the colors of the subjects all point to the main subject, the focal point of the drawing.
My question is, do I implement all these into my drawing?
Also, how do I decide on the right hue for the sea layer? I mean what techniques should I use to get the sea to look better. More alive. Currently, its flat.
Also, I'm not sure about the way the mountains meet the sea. It's to... straight... any thoughts on that?

I played around abit with the clouds. I will never be able to draw clouds...

I truely believe this is a good idea and a way to learn AND teach.
I truely appreciate your efforts.




Some minor alterations... I think it's better now. I still cant figure out the sea.


05-27-2006, 07:51 AM
Remember that the water will reflect the sky but be darker. You can try taking a screengrab of the sky, flipping it and then darkening it until it looks right. The only thing with that is that it will look really reflective but you will then have the colours to paint with. Have a look at some reference images of what you are painting you always learn from nature much harder just from your head.
Looking alot better.
By lead in I mean having something that leads your eye into the painting drawing it in like a journey you do this by a number of ways one of which is to overlap shapes like you have done with the mountains it gives the illusion of distance. Try putting something up close in the forground.

05-27-2006, 07:45 PM
Alright.... discovered the line tool.... again... perspective lines...
Checked some tutorials and some DVDs I got. And using Dylan Coles methods he shows there, I created this path into the focal point... the gap in the mid mountains. Not sure what's going on in that gap yet... but I guess some building or something. (Will get to buildings soon :).

I used two vanishing points. One is the ... closest mountain range on the left... this one goes to the focal point. The second VP is the range on the right (the unfinished one). This one goes to the tip of the left one... sort of path.

Now. My lack of painting skills finally came out of hiding.... I simply CAN NOT paint close objects good enough. I Am doing it from my head which is difficult as you say.... I'll try some source images. But that wont be any easier either. Any tip can help here.

I also sort of fixed the sea color... but i guess there's more to do.

After this is finished. I intend on adding real photos and try to reach the final stages of the matte. Hope to get there.



05-28-2006, 09:44 AM
Thats looking alot better. Remember when things are far away they tend to be more horizontal shapes as opposed to leading to vanishing points. But I think you have worked that out. (the mountains on the right)
Atmospheric perspective is probably next on the list of stuff to have a look at. The mountains up front could have a little more contrast and colour.

05-28-2006, 08:49 PM
The painting phase is about over.

Any light corrections so far? shadow casts? any ideas on improvments?

I cant draw the closest mountain better than this... it's to close to make it seem real (for me :)). It looks like some sort of Half Life polygon with smudged texture... I hope this will change.

After the alterations and the suggestions you add here, its time to look for photos.


you know... the image looks much better when its sized down.... and when the background color (around the image) is black.

05-29-2006, 12:01 PM
Pretty good!

I would add bit randomness to the shoreline you have in front left. Nature doesn't come that straight, there's always some variation.

06-05-2006, 08:00 PM
Alright. Sorry for not posting had some stuff I had to finish here and there.

Back to my project. I think its starting to take shape. Not quite happy with the lines where the mid grnd mountains meet the water... dunno...
Any ideas on that?

I believe after afew minor corrections I'll start adding real photos.

http://www.putfwd.com/index/putfwd-dl-a ... 4/type.jpg (http://www.putfwd.com/index/putfwd-dl-action/id.23574/type.jpg)

Thank you.

06-05-2006, 09:14 PM
Try studying coastal regions from like California, USA or any area that you know my have mountainous terrain to get an idea of the coastal lines.

Overall I feel it looks very good, not oversaturated which is a mistake very common to people starting out. Just look for reference and go from there.

06-10-2006, 07:12 PM

I changed ALL mountains into real photos and added snow where needed.
Hard to find good resources. Best to take your own pictures. Problem is... I dont got this sort of scenary here.

Anyway... I tried to fix the colors but I guess I need much more tweaking... I got problems with lighting directions. Especially on the left nearest ridge. To bright on this part. Any tips on how to tone that down?

What other things should I fix at this stage?
I still got to switch the clouds and sky...

Thank you.

http://www.putfwd.com/index/putfwd-dl-a ... 4/type.jpg (http://www.putfwd.com/index/putfwd-dl-action/id.24434/type.jpg)

Personnaly... I'm not happy with it. Too many mistakes to count.
Or maybe it simply light years from being close to finish.

06-15-2006, 08:18 AM
Alright I need some help now...
What do I do with the clouds.... do I simply replace the entire sky and the drawn clouds with a photo... or do I paint the clouds better to look more photorealistic...
The thing is... there are quite alot of clouds here.. What is the general rule... do I replace each with a pohoto... do I replace the entire sky plus clouds with a single photo.... or what??

Please help. I beleive this is the final stage... I tweaked some shadows and highlights on the mountains... and some color corrections...

this is the current stage:

http://www.putfwd.com/index/putfwd-dl-a ... 1/type.jpg (http://www.putfwd.com/index/putfwd-dl-action/id.25891/type.jpg)

and this is after switching the sky with a sky photo...
Not sure...

Overall.... I'm not too happy with the midgorund mountains... (the one that seats on the horizon line basically).... not sure about the snow... nor color....

what do you think?


http://www.putfwd.com/index/putfwd-dl-a ... 3/type.jpg (http://www.putfwd.com/index/putfwd-dl-action/id.25893/type.jpg)