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05-20-2006, 04:28 PM
Hey everyone...

This is my VERY first matte painting (.... if you can call this matte painting...)....

This was done shortly after recieving Dylon Cole's DVD with the beach and buildings.... unreal stuff.

Now. First let me mention that I dont know how to draw. Most of the image is a source image. I got all the equiptment... but it kinda ends there.

I created a rollover image at this address:


let it load so you get both pics.

Please ignore the car. :P

This is a test to see where I stand now in this area.

I also got a few questions for the experts:

1)Any tips/ideas on how to blend this car better? The shadows here.... they dont look right...
2)From the elements which I added, what was done poorly?
3)Any lighting corrections/tips/techniques to use here ARE MOST HIGHLY APPRECIATED...! (very importnant)

Thank you all in advance!

Glad to be able to produce anything.

Any critique apprecitated...


Ricardo Garces
05-20-2006, 05:37 PM
Hi Alon.

Well, let's see. 1st I would really, realllyy forget the car. The car has reflexions and the windows are see thru, so you will have a hard time cleaning the back scenario of the original picture that is seen in the windows.

Usually foreground objects, either are things you have actually in the base plate. Or they are photographed in studio, where you can control lighting and reflexions.

The background looks good, and the picture you chose for main plate is very nice also.

I don't like the island you have done. Not because it's not well drawn, but because you failed the perspective.
When you start a project, you should draw some perspective lines, so you can balance everything. And avoid strange looking stuff.

Everything else looks ok. The clouds are ok.


You have an intriguing nick, for a person from Israel... it must be tought living there.

05-21-2006, 02:34 AM
I'll post my comments on here also..

Biggest problems you have are with perspective. The car and the beach on the left look wierd cause of that.

In the car you got too much strong highlights compared to the landscape arround.
The original lightning in the picture is pretty much ambient because of the cloud cover. And as far as I can tell the main light is coming outside the picture from left, but it's really weak and barely makes any higlights.

Car's shadow has to be pretty subtle to blend with the rest of the picture.

Pretty good start though, the distant island is sitting pretty well except for the border it has with the water on the far left.

05-21-2006, 02:36 AM
The lighting on your island seems to be coming from the opposite direction the lighting on the castle is.

05-21-2006, 05:56 AM
Wow. Thanks for the replies... keep them coming. I will work on this more now with your added critique.

Is there a techinuq to some how disolve reflections on the hud or windows or maybe take them out completly?
About my nick...
It's a very old nick. Once there was a game called Subspace (probably you've never heard of it).... in the game back then (1996), that was my nick. And I simply kept it... maybe I'll change it with the ISP... it's about time... : )
And actually after being to quite ALOT of places in the world... living here is much much much easier than other well-considered countries.
Maybe I'm used to it.

Yeah... I posted this in 2 forums.... I need to delete the other post cuz this is the right one.
I will use your corrections to fix this image.... the light directin IS hard to decypher.... What does one do when its hard to determine the light source? He creates one by himself? or there is no way to avoid the actual light direction in a picture even though its subtle?

RIGHT! I see it now.... the left side of the castle is much lighter.... Heh... what an eye. Fixing this adds much more realisem or... "right feel" to the image... cuz right now... it's abit... .. . I dunno... not right.

The car is inside this picture becuase it all starte out as a restoration job I had with this image of the car.... But... I had to try to blend it in...

Thanks again, keep posting corrections... give me afew days... and I'll get you a descent matte... ;)