View Full Version : The Orphanage has openings for Senior Matte Painters

05-19-2006, 05:34 PM
The Orphanage has several immediate openings for senior matte painters

Job Summary & Requirements:

The Matte Painter is responsible for creating backdrops, set extensions, and completely fabricated environments. While both 3D and 2D technical skills are important, a fundamental understanding of traditional painting is imperative. Must have 3 years matte painting experience.

About The Orphanage:

Few entertainment companies embrace the future of filmmaking more passionately than The Orphanage. Founded in 1999 by three visual effects veterans of George Lucasí Industrial Light + Magic the company, The Orphanage has become a leading force in high-end visual effects and animation services, motion picture and broadcast production, and filmmaking technology development and licensing.

Please send resume & reel to recruiting@theorphanage.com or to the address below.

Recruiting Dept.,
The Orphanage
39 Mesa Street, #201
San Francisco, CA 94129