View Full Version : Loch - matte painting

05-10-2006, 03:31 PM

This is my entry for the Pluginz competition. It's the 4 th matte painting I've ever attempted ( finishing a whole one I mean ) and I wanted to get the light sort of right, or at least beautiful .
A giant step for me (but certainly NOT for mankind) was that I managed to paint those rays of light kind of right. I'd been obsessed with those for a while but could never get them right. After experimenting for a few hours I finally got it the way I wanted.......and that kind of made my day :D
But still a lot to learn so I'd be very interested in your comments.

Also...if Dylan Cole happens to read this.............
Hi Dylan..would you be so kind ,if you have a mo.,.to let me know what you think of my attempt ? I'd appreciate it very much.

Many thanks