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05-03-2006, 08:11 PM
An entry for conceptart.org environment of the week. The theme was Choke Point.
Would love any crits as to how to intergrate painting with stock photos better. There must be a filter here somewhere..... :)

Ricardo Garces
05-03-2006, 08:45 PM

actually there are many filters available :D :

- Dusso
- Cole
- Altiner
- Stoski

and many, many more! :D

They are the top filters I know of. Wouldn't it be nice to open a couple of pictures in photoshop, then, FILTER, MATTE, and then choose one of the above? ha ha ha

Choke point, hmm, is it not that Vader trick that he used to play around with the grey suits? :wink:

Now... let's see. Your image is too much saturated. That kind of color strengh is not usually seen in real life.

Objects or far away landscapes usually loose color, and detail. Analyze some photos and you will understand it better.

The structures look good, but they are too much Digital Painting style. In my opinion, and probably most people do not agree, the idea behind a matte painting is to trick people into believing that the image they are looking at is real.
There are ways of doing this fast and easy. For instance, choose a real photo has your foreground, and you can paint everything you want on the background because people will not notice it that much.
This can be aplied to your structures. The larger one, and closer to the camera should be a real one.
( and you say: But this does not exist! )
Create a scale model, it can't be that hard. Then take pictures of it. Paint it in photoshop, and add all the detail you like.
The result you will get, is a very convincing stucture, and you instantly "sell" all the other, even if they are just paintings.

Pay also attention to the rocks. Near the camera, they are blured. It is not possible unless the camera is moving. But if this is the case then all other objects near camera must be blured.

Hope I was helpfull in anything.

Best regards,


05-03-2006, 10:03 PM
Also another good idea would be to use perspective lines, the objects that you have added in seem to have different perspective than your image does.

05-04-2006, 07:54 AM
I just got your posts guys and thank you. Just finished tweaking the perspective Riktor. I do use perpective lines but got a little confused here as there are a few vanishing points. The ones for the cliffs are lower than the horizon as I wanted to be looking downhill, or have that impression. Anyway got confused and needed a few hours not looking at it to see what I was doing wrong,
Ricardo. I have all those filters they wont talk to me anymore my questions seem inane and ludicrous.
Your comments are very helpful. I come from a traditional painting packground and know about the fading of saturation into the distance, I will remidy that. Having trouble with with my proof settings as I am not colour calibrated. I finish an image and realise its is actually washed out, so I have a bit of a tweak before I post.
Blur tip is good, missed that one...but the cliff could be moving..ok
Once again thanks. How do the changes look?