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03-01-2006, 09:16 PM
I have just finished my graduation reel for my animation school Collins College. Though I graduated with a BA my reel focuses on the visual FX end of cinema since I spent number of years as media arts and sound guru. Check it out I also did a real quick matte for the end of my reel, any feed back would be nice I'm planning on adding some more it's a bit short probably a few more mattes.

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03-02-2006, 12:19 AM
Congratulations on Graduating!

I have some critiques for your reel. These are just my own thoughts on what you can improve.

Why are there no shadows below the motorcycle? There are highlights on the bike but no shadows from the bike. The Maya hallway shot that you have near the start of your reel. I think you should get rid of it. It is visually boring and really doesn't display much skill. Your reel is all about showing off what you can do.

There is one thing that really stands out in the Maya Combustion composite. The gun carrying girl in the "alien" environment. I'm pretty sure the girl was shot on a green screen because there is green spill on her side and under her arms. Also you may want to check her alpha because when she walks by I can see the background through her arm. I assume this is from the key you pulled on that footage. It would be an easy fix with some rotoscoping.

Also her gun seems to fade out when she spins towards the camera. Personally I'm not a big fan of the huge defocus on her as the pod opens up. Of course there would be a defocus but it seems to be too much. It just appears that by the time the pod is in focus, the girl and the bg continue unfocusing when they should have stopped.

I also have some comments for your matte painting. The river leading to the waterfall doesn't seem to have moving water. If the waterfall is pouring that much water then there should be motion on the river. Mind you this could be the size/ quality of the quicktime ( I looked at the high quality one). The cliffs to the left of the falls also stands out. Near the top of the cliff the water falls behind it, but below it looks like the water falls in front of it. I think you need more definition in that cliff.

Hopefully these comments help you out. Remember to put only your best work on your reel.

Best of Luck! I look forward to seeing any changes or additions you might make.

03-02-2006, 04:29 AM
Thank you for the suggestions, unfortunately alot of the footage is from stuff that was lost after a computer failure any very few changes can be made.

The turnaroun shot from on a whole I was irritated with beacuase it was a student project and my "director" gave me interlaced footage that was impossible to deinterlace (hence why the gun disappears). I never though about the depth of field simulation was too blurry but I think you maybe right. The motor cycle believe it or not has a shadow it was render with HDRI and final gather and has a shadow but apparently does not show well on anything but my TV.

As for the matte, no the water does not move. Considering it was about a 5 -7 hour matte I didn't really have time to find a plate for the river. Also I live in Arizona where we are in the middle of a 4 month drought, rivers are scarce and lakes don't quite give it the right flow, I will travel up north and film a plate at the colorado river when I get a chance.

The shot I spent the most time on was the bridge explosion and I was focused on mainly the explosions themselves. It was for the same student project as the green screen footage but the shot was all my own. It also took a week to render the last 60 frames

On the whole I irritated my Animation Deparment Chair because it was a visual FX reel with very little 3d work. As I have said I have done media arts before and have about 5 years experience, I don't need a degree for that but animation and matte painting seem to be partnering up and with my experience with PS and video and now animation I should be able to come up with rather good work on my own.

I intend on getting involved in some indie projects and building more 2d and 3d mattes over the next couple months, this was just to graduate and considering my computer was down all but the last two weeks I think I should have better works around the corner though.